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We do care aboute fast delivery, that`s why we use one of the largest and most reliable freight companies worldwide Fedex.

From the package is picked up at our warehouse and until it is delivered to you'r doorstep . Shipping time is 3-6 days.

After ordering with Airfiltre.com you will get a text from Fedex with Tracking and an opportunity to change delivery place or delivery time.

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Contact Us

 Ventilasjonsfilter AS
 Mælagata 58, 3716 Skien, Norway
Customer Service: support@ventilasjonsfilter.no
 Tlf. Sales/Admin: 35102440
(09:00-15:00 (Break 11-12))
 Org.nr.: 912377946mva



About us

Our common goal is to sell the most affordable filters for ventilation systems for the housing and industry. We have a warehouse / parcel center in Skien in Telemark