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Ventilasjonsfilter AS is one of Norway's largest players in ventilation filters. In addition to our standard production of ventilation filters in Poland, we also have the opportunity to produce minipleats (plate filters) in all classes and sizes here with us in Skien. We tailor all plate filters in the classes- Rough 65% (G4), ePM 10 60% (M5) and ePM 1 60% (F7). Our filters can be delivered the same day if there is capacity for it. In Skien, plate filters are produced in standard frame thicknesses 24-48-96mm in environmentally friendly plastic frames. We can also supply metal frames directly from our factory. We also accept special orders for all other types of filters. Get in touch if you need something you can not find on our website. All prices for special sizes are stated excluding VAT and shipping.

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 Bedriftsveien, 3735 Skien, Norway
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About us is a part of a Norwegian-American filter cooperation . We are a filter manufacturer with production in Skien, Norway and Medford, Oregon USA. We offer a large selection of filters for industry, office buildings, offshore and all models for residential homes.