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There are 2 premium filters ePM1 65% ( F7) in this package with size 217x208x25
ePM1 65% pleated air filters are the highest performing filters available in a residential HVAC furnace systems. This filter will reduce up to 98% of allergens and microscopic particles.
The lifetime of this filter is up to 12 months. Don't compare our filters with cheap editions that only last 3 months!
Shipping right from our factory in Norway and delivered to your doorstep by Fedex. Shipping from 12.90 Euro.
Sales price: € 24.90


Airfilters produced by are premium-quality Iso class ePM 1 65%  MERV 13 or better quality.

They were developed in Norway, a country with high requirements concerning air filtration. 
All our filters are certified according to ISO 16890-2019 standards and have been tested according to ISO 16890-2019.
Our air filters are produced with high-quality cardboard frames, which are coated with plastic,or environmentally friendly plastic frames. 
The frame as well as the air filters are very resistant against moisture and tolerate high stress over a long period of time. 
The airfilter material was developed in order to guarantee the best possible indoor climate and has been tested among the very best in it's class. 
By ordering at you will ensure that your indoor climate will be fresh and healthy. Thanks to high performance at low pressure loss, airfilters can be used in offices, schools, theaters, hospitals, swimming pools, shopping malls, hotels, paint shops, as well as in food, pharmaceutical and engineering industry. But mostly used in private homes.
This airfilter lasts for 12 months not 3 !
-ePM1 65%  is a premium filter that will remove :
-Pet dander
-Virus carriers
-Most smoke
-Smog particles
Norway has some of the most strict requirements for air filters in the world. And with our filter you are guaranteed a fresh and healthy and indoor environment.
Choose a filter that takes care of your indoor environment, choose 
Shipping right from our factory in Norway and delivered to your doorstep by Fedex.
Shipping from 12.90Euro 
Before ordering, please check the actual size of your filter. This filter set is sized 217x208x25 and is a complete set that contains everything you need for 1 filter change

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About us is a part of a Norwegian-American filter cooperation . We are a filter manufacturer with production in Skien, Norway and Medford, Oregon USA. We offer a large selection of filters for industry, office buildings, offshore and all models for residential homes.