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Standard Filter for Fresh 90 - 3pk
Standard Filter for Fresh 90 - 3pk

Standard Filter for Fresh 90 - 3pk

3 Standard filters for Fresh 90.
ePM1 65% pleated air filters are the highest performing filters available in a residential HVAC furnace system.
The lifetime of this filter is up to 12 months. Do not compare our filters with cheap editions that only last 3 months!
Shipping right from our factory in Norway and delivered to your doorstep by FedEx. Shipping from 12.90 euro.
Sales price: € 10.73


Standard filter for Fresh 90. Keeps the dust and insects out-

The package contains 3 filters.
To Fresh 90 ventilation fan.

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About us is a part of a Norwegian-American filter cooperation . We are a filter manufacturer with production in Skien, Norway and Medford, Oregon USA. We offer a large selection of filters for industry, office buildings, offshore and all models for residential homes.