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Hepa H13 V-Bank

HEPA filters are specially designed for clean rooms. Hepa filters are widely used in hospitals and industry with facilities that have special requirements for air filtration. A Hepa H13 filters as much as 99,97% of 0.1 to 0.3μm.
Our Hepa V-bank filters are produced in a frame of ultra light plastic frame that is light and manageable with a strong and stable construction. Here you will find our best selling sizes for Hepa H13 filters.
We can also offer all other sizes within Hepa filters. Contact us today for an offer.

Hepa H13 Filter 287x592x292

Sales price: € 197.09

Hepa H13 Filter 305x305x292

Sales price: € 215.09

Hepa H13 Filter 305x610x292

Sales price: € 193.49

Hepa H13 Filter 592x592x292

Sales price: € 224.08

Hepa H13 Filter 610x610x292

Sales price: € 233.08

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About us is a part of a Norwegian-American filter cooperation . We are a filter manufacturer with production in Skien, Norway and Medford, Oregon USA. We offer a large selection of filters for industry, office buildings, offshore and all models for residential homes.